• Welcome to AP Capstone !
    Your seminar teachers for 2016-2017 are Mr. Bush and Yours Truly.   No matter which teacher you have, we will be following a very similar course calendar from week to week.  As Semester One progresses, we will also have identical assignment deadlines that are established by the College Board.

    By late August, you should be seeing the course calendar and related links begin to take shape before your very eyes on your teacher's websites. 

    Just remember, if you have more questions than answers about Capstone, you can know that your teachers now have  completed their first year of launching the Capstone Seminar course.  The skills' focus of Capstone Seminar will be much the same in 2016-17 as it was in 2015-16.  That said, the fall semester course theme for 2016-17 will be different from last year's, as will the topical content of most First Semester assignments. That will be the nature of this undertaking for the entire year; we will explore its frontiers together.  That should be both enticing, exciting, and at times even entertaining. 

    The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one question grew before.   

    - Thorstein Veblen, German economist