• Livingston

    Hello 4th graders!  

    Updated 5/31/20
    We are headed into week 12 of online learning!  This week is going to look slightly different than the rest because the district is asking us to give the iReady diagnostic tests over the next two weeks. These two diagnostic tests give us information about where your student is performing in both reading and math. It will allow your students to have a more accurate self-paced track to follow this summer if you choose to continue to use iReady over the summer. It will also let their teacher for next year know where they ended the year. This helps us plan over the summer to best meet the needs of your students.  
    In order to get the most accurate results, please encourage your students to take their time.  They should not finish the test within 30 minutes!  It may take them several days to finish the test. If I were testing in the classroom, we would do this test over several days in about 30-40 minute sessions.  It is okay for them to take breaks.  Also, tell them that they must use pencil and paper to solve math problems and to take notes during the reading test. We have practiced this a lot and truly makes a difference in how successful they can be.  
    Also, you MAY NOT help your student solve any problems. If they are stuck and asking for help, please tell them that it is okay to guess and move on.  We really need accurate information to help guide us as teachers, and we cannot get that information if you are helping them solve problems or answer questions. 
    Here is the weekly schedule broken down by subject and then by day.  Please note that the only math this week is the iReady math diagnostic test. They will start on Tuesday and must finish by Friday.  Please do not have your students start the reading test. That will be done next week and I would like to talk to them about it before they start it.  
    Monday: Zoom meeting at 1:00 to get ready for the iReady diagnostic test. I will go over the prizes!
    Tuesday: iReady Math Diagnostic
    Wednesday: iReady Math Diagnostic
    Thursday: iReady Math Diagnostic
    Friday: Finish iReady Math Diagnostic
    Monday: Listen to and then read Mold Terrarium two times. Then complete the worksheet.
    Tuesday: Complete the comprehension work for Mold Terrarium.
    Wednesday: No Assignment. Time set aside for iReady Math Diagnostic.
    Thursday: No Assignment. Time set aside for iReady Math Diagnostic.
    Friday: No Assignment. Time set aside for iReady Math Diagnostic.
    This Week and Next Week: Design, Build, Test and Improve your ice cream container for the Final Ice Cream Challenge!  There is a video from Mrs. Linn, along with all the worksheets you will need to complete this project. You will have two weeks to design, build, test and improve a container that will keep your "ice cream" from melting (We are going to use an ice cube for testing purposes). 
    Question of the Day will be posted every day, as will several chapters from our new read aloud, Kingdom Keepers.  There will be an art project posted on Monday and the This Week I... slide show will be posted on Friday.  
    If you have any questions about the diagnostic testing, please let me know! I am happy to help. I will be closely monitoring students throughout the week on the testing. I am able to see the progress they are making.  I can be reached through email, google classroom, or if needed, we can set up a time to zoom. I am happy to help in any way that I can.  If you feel as though your student would benefit from a pep talk before starting the test, let me know and we can set up a quick zoom so I can tell them how well they are going to do encourage them to relax!
    Thank you for your continued support,
    Mrs. Livingston