• By clicking on the following link ( Capstone.Seminar.Syll.2017.2018 ), you will be able to see the Word doc. edition of the 2017-18 syllabus for AP Capstone
    which is offered as a statement of course goals, as well as a course overview:  
    Please keep in mind throughout the year the following four things about this document: 
    1.  Changes in the school calendar, unforeseen interruptions and the like will instantly render the posted syllabus as "out of true" when it comes to the description of daily events, assignments, and deadlines.  The Word.doc edition of the syllabus, in other words, will not be updated and revised whenever such altering episodes occur. 
    2.  Assigned course readings are subject to inclusion ( in the cases of "TBD" and "TBA" notations currently displayed on the syllabus ), as well as outright augmentation or substitution from those now noted on the syllabus. 
    3.  Due to items #1 and #2 above, the Capstone website as a whole ( and most especially the online course calendar ) will be the best way to see the most up-to-date and accurate account of future assignments.
    4. The online course calendar will usually be updated on a weekly basis ( usually on a Thursday or Friday ) to display "coming attractions" for the succeeding 1-2 weeks.