To get an idea of what AP Psychology is all about and prepare for the course, you will be asked to do several tasks over the summer.                       
    It is OK to email me during the summer if you have questions
    You will need to do the following:   
    1. Sign-up for Remind 101:  To add yourself to the list:  Text  @khbdca4   to  81010     or go here  https://www.remind.com/join/khbdca4
    2. Download the Syllabus and go over it with your parents.  I will collect signatures in September. 
    3. Read Units 1  and  2  from the Myer's Textbook.  Download chapters to your phone, tablet, or computer
    4. You will  use your EPS Google Drive to access documents in class.  Login w/your student number and password
    5. Complete the reading questions, vocabulary & questions for Unit 1 &  Unit 2
    6. Go over the PowerPoints for Unit 1 & Unit 2
    7. We will take a real quiz over these 2 chapters in early September in class.
    8. Read 2 articles/week, listen to podcasts or watch videos on Psychology Issues
    9. If you find a great podcast, video or website, post a comment about it in Goggle Classroom.