• See the link below for a two-page edition of Oral Defense questions for both Performance Task Assessments One and Two. 
    At the conclusion of each group presentation, EACH team member must answer one question during the Oral Defense period, without a.) any prior notice of the specific question content, and without b.) any coaching from other team members once the question has been asked.  The questions' focus can be seen both here, and in the related link located in the "Oral Defense" section of your trusty Capstone website.  It mostly boils down to clarifying your arguments, and offering some examples of how your team collaborated around a set of shared tasks.  Oral Defense Qs.   And then see this version of the questioning process.  Questions.Responses.TMP 
    Click Here ( Reflection Qs. Oral Defense Qs. ) for a mostly similar one-page edition that serves two purposes:
    1.  It can be the basis for your own written reflections on your own learning as linked to specific assignments and episodes
    2.  It is the basis for much of the Q&A you can expect from Capstone instructors after you have performed a presentation
    PS.  See the link here for the reflections you may have been asked to complete during the first month of the course.  Reflection. Month 1.