• Week of Oct. 22-26

    Posted by Elizabeth Burns on 10/19/2018

    Monday  - Single Exchange Reaction lab 

    Homework:  Single Exchange Practice  

    Tuesday - Double Exchange Reaction lab 

    Homework: Double Exchange Practice  

    Wednesday -  

    Thursday -  

    Friday - 

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  • Week of Oct. 15-19

    Posted by Elizabeth Burns on 10/15/2018

    Monday  - Copper Cycle Lab (cont.), handed back tests (corrections will be allowed, retakes to 85%).   

    Tuesday - Copper Cycle Lab -done!  Lab worksheet handed out.   

    Wednesday -  Types of Reactions - demos!  

    Thursday -  Copper Cycle Lab Quiz 

    Friday - No class 

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  • Week of Oct. 5-9

    Posted by Elizabeth Burns on 10/5/2018

    Monday  - Check in on Unit 1 test review; go over h/w questions from last week; 

    Tuesday - Unit 1 test 

    Wednesday -  Copper Cycle Lab - Complete Lab Prep parts A-D today.  This must be complete to begin lab and will be graded.  Instructions in class.   

    Thursday -  Copper Cycle Lab - day 2

    Friday - Copper Cycle Lab - debrief /notes on physical and chemical properties of chemical bonds. 



    Next week; Flame Tests 

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  • Week of Oct. 1- 5

    Posted by Elizabeth Burns on 10/1/2018

    Monday  - Ionic Bonding basics in class today.  Powerpoint for Mon - Wed. and Homework

    Tuesday - Ionic Bonding continued.  Practice in writing formulas and names 

    Wednesday - A review tutorial  (on ionic bonding).  Electron shell review (stop at 11 minutes);2 minute video on transfer of electrons in ionic bonding. 

    Today's topic - polyatomic ions and how they bond in ionic bonding. 

    Thursday - Transition metals in ionic bonding. Powerpoint slides with homework assignment. 

    Friday - Quiz & Review for Unit 1 test 

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