Need Password or Login?



    Have you forgotten your username or password?

    • Send an email to with a login/password request using the email address you provided to the school. Please include these information in your request:
      1. Your student’s name(s), which school they attend, and student ID number. All students' names should be included in one email
      2. Your name
      3. Your relationship to the child (mother, father, guardian, etc.)
    • LMS will confirm your web access “rights” and that your email is in your child’s school record.
    • We will email your TEMPORARY password. AFTER you change that password, you will have access to student info.

    Do you have more than one child? Do you want to use one login for all of them?

    • Ask your school to link all of your students in one account.

    Do you want to change your current known password?

    Questions about the Learning Management System - email