• The following links relate to specific Seminar assignments, so always check your online course calendar for which one is being used. 
    •  IRR ( aka Performance Task No. 1 --PT1 ).  See this multi-page guideline which includes an RQ graphic organizer.  PT.1.Real.Deal.Guide.2016.2017.  Includes a two-page rubric for the IRR, followed by another two-page rubric ( on p. 3-4 ) for the Team Multimedia Project ( TMP ).  PT1.Rubric.2017



    • TMP Scoring Elaboration.  Based on the 2017-2018 rubric for the TMP, this is a three-page table of expanded questions and, in the case of the Oral Defense ( p. 3 ), possible answers students can give.  Very helpful indicator of what your teachers and the College Board are looking for.  TMP Scoring Elaborations


    • PT2 rubrics ( see course calendar ): 
      - Individual Written Argument (IWA) 
      - Individual Multimedia Presentation/Oral Defense ( IMP/OD )
      -. . .and an even more helpful Staff Scoring tool for the IMP/OD


     ( official College Board 2016-17 rubric for Team Multimedia Presentation;  Note: does not contain Oral Defense component; see elsewhere in this website for the named file containing Oral Defense questions ).
    Have you compared your essay to the Composition Checklist linked up here ?  Composition Criteria Check List