Superintendent's Message, September 2, 2015

  • Dr. Cohn
    Dear Everett Public Schools families and staff,
    Parents can look forward to Individual Score Reports (ISR) coming home from schools about the second week after school starts. 
    Most districts, including Everett, send parents ISR documents sometime in September when all of that information is printed and available from the state. The tests were new and different and more rigorous tests last spring, and the ISR this fall will be much more useful than score reports of the past.

    The new score reports are being printed in Olympia now. They will be tools teachers and families can act on to improve student learning. They will help parents understand their child’s performance more clearly.

    This year’s state test score process is no different than in past years. The interest is perhaps higher because of the newness of the test format. And there may be a misperception that computer-based scoring of thousands of students’ tests is instant. Just as in past years, scores are sent to school districts for records reconciliation to ensure only correct information is ultimately sent home to parents.
    Making sure the data is correct overall and correct for each individual student and then printing those individual reports for each Washington state student takes time – and it’s worth waiting for to make sure it is correct.

    Gary Cohn,