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    Registration Information


    Please refer to the following message from EvCC:

    1.       The deadline for students to apply for admission to EvCC for the College in the High School Program is coming up fast, Monday, Oct. 16th. Please remind your students to complete Step 1 as soon as possible. We are currently experiencing 5 day wait time for students to receive the email with their EvCC SID.

    2.       Students can start their application by going to: https://www.everettcc.edu/ccec/college-in-high-school/chs-registration-information

    3.       Students who have applied for admission and it’s been more than 5 days should log back in to Web Admissions and check to see if the application status is Pending, on Hold, or Approved.

    a.       If Approved then they have an email with their SID. Check Spam for email.

    b.      If Pending, the application has not been processed.

    c.       If On Hold, a notification was sent to the email provided by the student asking for additional information Students may also email registration @everettcc.edu and check what information was missing.

    d.      In all email communication students should provide their name, birthdate, what high school they attend and they are in the College in the High School program. .  

    e.      Students should wait 24 hours after receiving their SID to move on to Step 2. Students need both their SID and PIN to login to Step 2 and the PIN takes 24 hours to upload to the student record

    4.       Students should then move on to Step 2: Program Application. Students must have an EvCC SID and PIN to complete Step 2.