• Also see the other, separate links in this file, which consist of generic rubrics, and related materials.  Additional information and deadlines related to Individual Research Reports and Team Multimedia Projects will be posted on the course calendar.

    What is Human Nature IRR.TMP

    Clarification:  In the Individual Research Reports of a group of 3 ( or 4 ), all but one member will be selecting and appropriately using two separate evidence sources, explicitly examining each source for its credibility as a source.  These members will also analytically establish how and why each of their sources contributes to a better understanding of the Research Question. 

    The IRR of the remaining member of the group will select and examine two different sources, one of which shall be used as a source that concedes there is another side to the thesis claim, and another source that refutes the evidence of the concession-oriented source.  The refutation statement must effectively demonstrate why the concession source is either mistaken, incomplete, misleading or otherwise unsatisfactory as a contributor to a better understanding of the Research Question.