• Revision Protocol.  Click Here for the basic protocols for revising an essay. It is one page long.  
    Please Note:  ALL of the revision elements --noted by your trusty instructor on the originally submitted draft-- must be present when submitted, or NONE of the revision will be read ( and no possible added credit given ) !  
    IMPORTANT   Essays receiving a grade of 82% ( or less ) may be revised for a possible increase in the grade up to 87%.  Essays scoring 83% and above may also be revised, but they will receive a possible final grade that is also no higher than an 87%.  Going through the revision process is important in and of itself, no matter what the grade is that you expect to receive from doing revisions.
    The written comments can often be best understood and translated if you also make use of the Corrections Abbreviation Glossary. This document is two pages long.  BTW, "cred." means "credibility", and "subst." means "substitute the following words or statement".  You should also use this checklist before turning in ANY work composed outside of class.  Composition.Check List.2017
    Finally: Writing legible margin titles of what, specifically, has been revised ( which has, of course, already been highlighted ) is required. For example, in brackets which encompass the revised area of text, write "Thesis" in the margin. Or, for another example, write "Implication", etc. whenever that kind of change is present. No matter which method you choose, highlight the new, corrected area of text ( highlighting just along the margin of an affected area is fine). An all-but-colored highlighted example of a revision is included here.  Revision Example. Get the picture ? 
    Finally, have you compared your essay to the Composition Checklist linked up here ?