• Team Multimedia Project ( TMP )

    Click here for a two-page accounting you and your group members may be asked to undertake during ( and following ) the process of assembling a TMP.  Source.Selection.Use.Defense
    And here is a two-page narration of things recent reviewers have said about TMPs that should be considered to improve them, or avoided to spare harming them ! 

    See the course calendar for these PT2 rubrics: 
    - Individual Written Argument (IWA)
    - Individual Multimedia Presentation/Oral Defense ( IMP/OD )
    -. . .and an even more helpful Staff Scoring tool for the IMP/OD

    Team Written Report ( NOTE:  this is discontinued for the 2016-2017 school year )

    See this link for what's expected in your paragraphs, starting with paragraph ONE.  IRR.TWR.Pre-Brief.To-Do List  Add to this list the following:  one concession/refutation pair per individual paper;  one or more of this pair in the Team paper ( space permitting ).  Constant congruence between source citations in main body paragraphs, and list of sources in MLA ( A-Z, either author's last name or sponsoring publication name ) Works Cited Page.


    And here is the TWR Pre-Brief.To-Do List Part 2 !  All that stuff ( like basic citation practices ) that you may not have fully comprehended as they were related to you in this class ( and in other classes as well ? ).  TWR.Pre.Brief.Pt.2.D.15

     And now still more TWR To-Dos  ( and Don'ts ), Part 3TWR.Brief.Pt.

    All official details of this assignment are to be found on p. 1-2 of your Perfomance Task No. 1 packet.


    Remember: each paper's sources must have one concession source, and one rebuttal source ( out of a total source base of 4-5 sources per individual paper ).  You can then select the "best" one ( or more ) of each of these types of sources for your Team Written Report.