• Credit Recovery is generally offered once a semester to students whose semester grade is either near or below 60%, or upon request.  Credit Recovery is not the same as "Extra-Credit".


    • For this Credit Recovery option, interested students will be assigned one Line-of-Reasoning reading analysis ( LOR ).   A longer-form reading ( i.e., 5 or more pages in length ) will be made available by the teacher.  Students must address ALL elements of the assigned LOR format to receive any Credit Recovery points. 


    • Follow this Line-of-Reasoning link as you create your own Word doc. edition.  Provide clear headings for each LOR element.  Note that more than one "claim" is often present in most longer-form readings.  LOR.Template.RevisedIF you are in any doubt at this point about the correct definition of such terms as, for example, "Claim" and "Warrant", and how you should apply them to any given piece of argumentative wrting, here again is a link which defines such things.  Argument.Logic.Definitions



    The following writing conventions will apply to your responses to these LOR elements:


    1.  The hyperlink above cannot be used to submit a hand-written assignment.  You should identify each of its components in a  Word document, which you will hand in to you teacher ( after you submit it to Turnitin.com ).  Compose your responses using complete sentences. 


    2.  Your complete sentence responses should be in your own words, with accurately paraphrased ( vs. quote copied ) references to the reading, together with the paragraph number of your citations ( e.g., Carr, 23 )


    3.  For each LOR element ( e.g., Claim #1, etc. ) you need to state, in your own words, WHY this is Claim #1.  Just describing the relevant reading passage will NOT do the job!


    • Choose ONE of the following two readings as the focus for the LOR: 


        - or -


    • Last But Not Least:  all LOR exercises must first be submitted to their appropriate location on the course's Turnitin.com website, and only then submitted to the teacher in a hard-copy format ( double-spaced, please ).