• Ways to Incorporate Math at Home

    Give your child plenty of opportunities to count and measure

    • Read a recipe and have your child measure the amounts for the ingredients.
    • Use different measures such as teaspoons, cups, and pints.
    • Using a calendar, count by 7’s and then 1’s to find the number of days until an upcoming event.
    • Plan a meal you’d like to cook together, then make a shopping list for items that fit your budget.
    • If you bring some vegetables home from the store, have your child count them, counting on from the number of vegetables you already have. Find creative ways to measure: how many paper clips long is this sheet of paper? How many hands high is the dog?

    Find ways to practice number operations

    • Read weather charts, movie schedules, and other common numerical information you find in the news.
    • When you’re doing the laundry, have your child match all the pairs of socks. How many socks are there? How many pairs?
    • Compare and organize tools, dishes, or other objects based on size, color, or weight.


    Some family games that use math skills:

    • Dice, cards, and board games can help your child learn addition combinations- please reference the math game packet I gave you at conferences and use the deck of cards I provided you.
    • Dominoes
    • The card game “War” helps kids recognize which number is greater and which is less.
    • Yahtzee Mancala Checkers and Chinese Checkers
    • Any game that includes counting board steps, such as Chutes and Ladders