The following registration forms contain information that the Everett Public Schools require the student and the parent/guardian to complete in order to attend school. 

    The required documentation consists of:

    Certificate of Immunization (If you do not have this information, please ask your current school for a copy. A signed copy of this information must be submitted with the enrollment packet forms.)

    Please also provide us with Verification of Residency, typically in the form of a lease/mortgage agreement; this document must include your name and mailing address. 

    In order for your student to have a successful start at Gateway Middle School we ask that you complete and return the above forms. At this time you may request to schedule a meeting with a counselor regarding the enrollment process. Once the required documentation has been processed the student will be scheduled for classes.

    We look forward to meeting you and wish you success at Gateway Middle School. Please reach out to our registrar Elizabeth Belyea at (425) 385-6610 or ebelyea@everettsd.org if you have any questions.