Office 2016 & Office 365 Resources

  • Welcome to Office 2016! 
    The following materials can be helpful when working in the Office 2016 applications.
    To learn more about Office 2016 or to explore Office365 for future use - log in to Atomic Learning.
    Atomic Learning Tutorials - use your district log in information to view (students can access as well):
    What's New in Office 2016?
    Office 2016 Preview
    Word 2016
    Outlook 2016 Training 
    OneNote 2016 
    For further assistance after the initial upgrade window for Office 2016, please contact Help Desk @ 4357 or submit a work order at Help Desk Web.
    Q: In the past we could check out a disc to load a new version of Office at home - will that be true again?
    A: You will no longer need to check out a disc. Office 2016 is now available for download, see directions.
    Q: What is the difference in adding the Outlook shortcut to my desktop versus adding it to my task bar?
    A: While you can drag Outlook 2016 from the Start Menu to the task bar at the bottom of the screen, you cannot drag it to the desktop. Dragging to the desktop removes Outlook from your start menu. Instead right click on Outlook 2016 in the start menu and select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)