• Revised 3/2020



    All Physical Education students must wear a proper PE uniform:

                   l.  Gym shorts -- no cut offs,  "short" shorts, zippers, or Spandex

                   2.  T-shirts -- plain white or Evergreen Gym Shirt

                   3.  Socks

                   4.  Shoes - Athletic Style that are non-marking soles and lace-up

    Evergreen PE shorts and shirts can be purchased throughout the year from the PE department.  The cost is $6.00 for a shirt and $6.00 for shorts.  running



    Last names must appear visibly on all articles of clothing.  If this is not done at home, it will be done at school. Be responsible and bring your PE clothes daily to class but if you forget, “Loaners” will be available for you to borrow. Consequences for borrowing loaners are:  #1 Loaner = Warning    #2 Loaner = Participation Points off ,  #3 Loaner  = Participation Points off.  #4 Loaner and after = Participation Points off and Detention.    Refusal to suit up or borrow loaners will result in administrative action.





    Students will be asked to dress quickly in the locker room and then report to their roll call spot and begin to stretch.

    All students will be issued a basket and lock to use throughout the year. The combination to the lock is expected to be kept confidential. Students are advised not to share their baskets, locks or clothes with other students.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their basket is locked up with all belongings safely secured. The locker room is NOT a secure area!!  It is a changing room and restroom.  DO NOT bring or leave valuables unlocked in this area!! 

    All lost locks should be immediately reported to the locker room supervisor.  Any lost or destroyed locks will result in a $9.00 fine. 




    Due to the nature of physical education and the activities involved, attendance and participation play a major part of grading. 

    Physical Education is a participation based class, therefore, any absences need to be made-up at school.  These PE make-ups are done under a supervised teacher on Tuesdays and Thursday AM 6:45 - 7:15   or  PM 2:10 - 2:40.  If your cannot attend these days, please contact your individual teacher for other arrangement.   The student is responsible for any information, tests, or work missed while absent.  





    If a student is able to attend school but for some reason should be excused from participating in Physical Education, the parent may request this in written form for one or two days only.  If a student is to be excused for a period of time longer than two days, a written excuse from a doctor is needed or parents should contact the Physical Education teacher directly.  These excused non-suits will need to be made-up by attending the PE make-up sessions on Tuesday or Thursday.  If the doctor’s note is for an extended illness or injury,  (10 consecutive days or longer), the student will not need to make this time up and will be graded “excused or X” in the grade book. 





    The “Get Fit” Conditioning Program is designed to help the students get in shape, stay in shape and improve their fitness scores.  This work-out program is done at least three times a week at home and includes the four components of a work-out:  Warm-up (Flexibility) , Muscular  Development, Cardio Activity, and  Cool-down (Flexibility) .  The sheet will need to be filled out neatly, signed off by the parents, and turned in on the day requested.   






    Physical Fitness testing may occur at least three times throughout the school year.  We will be looking for individual improvement throughout the year in upper body strength (Push-ups), abdominal strength ( Sit-ups),  cardiovascular fitness (Pacer Test),  and flexibility (Sit-n-reach) .  Personal data will also be recorded that includes height, weight, age, and BMI (Body Mass Index).  This “Fitness Profile” is for the students own knowledge and a basis for goal setting.  




    A daily point system is used for evaluation. Participation will include attendance, effort, cooperation, and sportsmanship. The grading breakdown is as follows: 
    Participation – 70%  /    
    Homework – 20%   /     Assessments (tests/quizzes) - 10%  (If a student fails a test with a D or F,  they can retake the test within the week before school, after school, or at their lunch time)   

    All late work and make-up tests  are due one week from the original Due Date.


    It is the student’s responsibility to keep updated on their grades.  Curretn grades can be accessed by the Everett School District Website - LMS  (Learning Management System)  If you are failing PE (59% or below), you will need to attend make-ups to raise your grade!   


    A portion of the student’s grade will be comprised of a classroom based Health curriculum .  Students will rotate into this course  throughout the year to cover units such as nutrition, drugs and alcohol and personal safety.  


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines - do not hesitate to call us at Evergreen.  We want your child's participation in Evergreen Physical Education to be positive!  Thank you.


                        EVERGREEN PE STAFF
                                     Mrs.  Wilder    - pwilder@everettsd.org  Office Phone number -  (425) 385-5844