• Here is an informational video demonstrating how to create a data sheet and chart for your Science Fair project.  Use the video tutorials in the bottom section of this page for step-by-step directions on creating your own sheet and chart.

     Each of the videos below will teach you how to create a spreadsheet and chart using Google Sheets.
    • Step 1:    Keep this window open and log onto your Google Drive using our District "Sign In" tab.
    • Step 2:    Click on New > Google Sheets to open the program you will be using.
    • Step 3:    Watch each of the tutorials that have bullets in front of them for directions on first creating your data chart and then your chart. 
    • Step 3:    Click back and forth between the tabs for your data sheet and each video tutorial.  Carefully follow the directions given in each tutorial, and in no time, you will create a spreadsheet and chart. Each of these can be printed and displayed on your Science Fair display board.

Tutorial #1: Create and Edit a Google Sheet

Tutorial #2: Creating and Editing a Chart