If a student forgets any of their PE uniform ,  they will need to borrow "Loaners" from the teacher.   Loaner Uniforms can be picked up in both the boys and girls locker rooms from the supervising  PE teacher.  They will be asked to leave something in exchange for the Loaner so we can be assured to get the clothes back.  Typical items left in exchange are binders, jackets, backpacks, or cell phones.  
    Be responsible and bring your PE clothes daily to class but if you forget, "Loaners will be available with the following consequences:
    • #1 Loaner - Warning  (We all forgot something at sometime so no big deal)
    • #2 Loaner  - 2 Participation Points off and a Note home*
    • #3 Loaner - 3 Participation Points off / Note Home / and Detention
    • #4 Loaner -   4 Participation Points off / Note Home / and Detention   
    • #5 Loaner and Beyond -   5 Participation Points off / Note Home / and Detention  
    * Any notes sent home will need to be signed and returned the next day or we will have the student call home to verify that you have seen the Loaner Note.