If you lost your "Get Fit" Homework Log, you can tap the link below to download a copy.     


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     Get Fit Homework Log



    The “Get Fit” Conditioning program is designed to help you get in shape, stay in shape, and improve your fitness scores.


    Guidelines are as follows:                                                                              

    ·      Participate at least three times each week

    ·      Complete the exercise log in detail as you work out

    ·      Choose activities that you enjoy and that you will participate in                         

    ·      Your work-out should include a warm-up, strength development, cardio                     

           activity, and a cool-down. 

    ·       If you are using a Make-up as one of your workout days, you will need to

                    bring your Conditioning form for the supervising teacher to sign


    WARM-UPS - At the beginning of the workout, do at least three warm-up exercises. Hold a stretch for 10 counts and do not bounce.  Be sure to stretch both the upper body and lower body. (Examples:  Hurdler Stretch / Quad Stretch / Arms)


    STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT - Do a minimum of three strength exercises.  Complete two sets of 20 reps.  ( 2 x 20 = 40 )  (Examples:  Sit-ups / Push-ups / Weights)


    CARDIO ACTIVITY – Minimum of 20 minutes and gradually increase the time to 60 minutes. Your Cardio activity must be continuous movement and recorded in either time or distance.  (Examples:  Running / Biking /  Swimming /  Soccer)


    COOL - DOWN - Do three of your favorite stretching activities.  Be sure to stretch both upper and lower body.