Superintendent's Message, November 22, 2016

  • Dr. Cohn
    Dear friends and neighbors: 
    As Thanksgiving and the season’s celebrations are upon us, it occurs to me that the work of prepping for holiday get-togethers and the work we do to ensure our schools are safe places for our community’s children to learn and grow.

    Over the next several weeks, many of us will be blessed to gather with family and friends for holiday meals and celebrations. Unless we have taken an active part in making grocery lists, prepping food, or polishing up the gathering places —we may give little thought to the skillful coordination, timing, and planning it takes to make such family gatherings possible. And yet, under skillful hands, celebrations and banquets result.

    In a similar way, our school teams produce magic every single day. Thousands of students get on the right buses and arrive at the right school at the right time. Thousands are served healthy meals in clean and safe facilities, and they experience the high art and science of learning in classrooms with caring, adults and equipment and supplies poised to spark their learning.

    Opening a school door to hundreds, even thousands of children, shepherding them through a day safely, inspiring them to be leaders and responsible citizens of the future and sending them home each afternoon is nothing short of a miracle choreographed day after day for 19,700 students in the district’s 26 schools.
    The recent recognition by my peers at WASA, and recognition of our school board again by WSSDA, are statements about a school district and its community’s work together. Each of us knows awards such as these are not as much about individuals as they are about teams of exceptional people and supportive communities who make such individual recognition possible.

    I will be deeply thankful, and appreciative, for the upcoming gatherings with friends and family —and the efforts of those who create those celebratory feats— just as I am each day thankful for the remarkable teams of individuals and this community who make it possible every day to do the work and generate the results for our students that have led to the honors we’ve celebrated in the past several days.

    This district is —simply stated— incredible. I can’t describe in just a few words what a joy it is to come to work here, every day.

    I thank you, and I wish you every blessing in the coming months.

    Dr. Gary Cohn