• P.E. Class Behavioral Expectations and Routines:


    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe






    PE Class

    ·   Listen carefully

    ·   Respond promptly to any      teacher signal

    ·   Keep my hands and feet       to myself

    ·   Treat classmates as you         would want to be treated

    ·   Raise my hand; wait to be     called on before                     speaking

    ·   Follow directions the first          time given

    ·   Use time wisely

    ·   Use equipment properly

    ·   Act responsibly at all times

    ·   Be prepared to participate     and give your best effort

    ·   Be a positive teammate


    ·   Practice personal space

    ·   Look before moving

    ·   Beware of others

    ·   Ask for help when                  needed

    ·   Stay on task

    ·   Move under control

    ·   Wear shoes and clothes       for moving

    ·   Walk, unless asked to            move differently