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    Registration Code: CTE 227
    Grade Levels: 9-12
    Credits: 0.5 CTE or Elective credit
    Length: one semester
    Class Objectives: Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is an introduction to the key concepts in the field of computer science.  ECS is taught using an inquiry-based method of instruction. The purpose of this course is to give students a thorough understanding of computational practices and application of skills. Key concepts in this course include: computing versus computers, problem solving, binary language, algorithms, basic coding (HTML) and (Scratch, Processing).
    Activities: You’ll get hands-on practice in computational thinking with 4 units: Human-Computer Interaction, Problem-Solving, Web Design, and Introduction to Programming. Your assignments will give you experience in applying a variety of computational practices, from designing and implementing creative solutions and products to developing models. You will collaborate with your peers on computing activities. You will maintain a lab notebook to support communicating computational thought processes, procedures and results to others

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