• 17-18 Scholarship information
    UW Survey of Physiology is designed to serve those students who are interested in earning University of Washington college credit at the high school level.  This course is a survey of human physiology. 
    Please see the flier given to you or go to the information below to register for credit at the University of Washington. Deadline is Oct 28, 2016! They will not take credit late!! 
    16-17 school year Reg#:  159846
    Course: BIOL 118
    Please understand from the onset a fact of paramount importance: the least important person in this classroom is me ~ the instructor. Acting as a college student,you are expected to “charge ahead” on your own, to seek, find, and internalize knowledge. In short, you must be the main agent in your educational process.


    The instructor’s job is to facilitate your drive and accomplishment by structuring learning situations and selecting learning tools to help you attain your goals: successful completion of the UW Phys course, an enrichment of your life through the acquisition of knowledge, and enjoyment of the course.


    UW Exam Dates: Senior Finals in June