• See the following one-page link for what should be in your basic cognitive toolkit when it comes to multiple-choice questions.  Any decent exam prep book ( or online site ) will have further tips to consider, but this is the one-page version.  Multiple.Choice.Question.Skills.2016
    Keep in mind that APUSH MC questions now require much more background reading of the textbook than did multiple-choice questions prior to the national exam's re-design in 2014.  Questions prior to 2014 could often be successfully answered by knowing the material on a specific page of a specific chapter.  The newer questions require much more than that, as they assume you have both an understanding of the major themes as well as finer details that are not only found in the current textbook chapter(s) a quiz is focused on, but also in the chapters which especially precede that material as well as ( by late in the second semester, anyway ) chapters that follow that material !  Different expectations now come with differently designed questions.