Research and Competition Information

  • Do you want to compete with your research?! Check out the two competitions below. This is a great opportunity to practice your work!  Note: You must go to Central Sound Science and Engineering Fair in order to go to Imagine Tomorrow due to limited space and time commitment. 


    What you need to do to compete

    1. Look at the categories for both competitions and determine where your research fits best. 

    2. Determine who is going to be in your group (Note: Central Sound is 1 or pairs.  Imagine Tomorrow is groups of 2-5)

    3. Fill out the Research Survey so that I have group information and commitments

    4. REGISTER for the competitions. Just filling out the survey does not register you for either event. 


    Central Sound      

    Central Sound Science and Engineering Fair:

                                                                    Where will your project fit? Categories

                                                                   Registration: Register Here -Registration

                                                                   Look in the TOP right hand corner for Registration - Click student

                                                                               Advisor: Aimee Sage

                                                                               School: Cascade Junior High School 



                                                          Imagine Tomorrow:

                                                          Registration: Imagine Tomorrow Registration

                                                                 Advisor: Aimee Sage