• Class Expectations English 3 and 4


    •              Assigned – Will change in time and may change as needed

    •              In seats at beginning of class

    •              In seats at end of class until bell rings (last period 3 mins to stack ALL chairs)

    •              In seats during class unless activity requested or need to leave

    Bathroom and water breaks

    •              AFTER 15 minutes but before less than 15 minutes’ left

    •              One at time

    •              Sign out (I need to know who’s absent in even of evacuation)

    •              Take pass

    •                     Permission not needed within those parameters

    Turned in work/Spring Board Work

    •              All late work after that 30% off first week and zero credit after that

    •              EXCEPTIONS – Absence over 3 consecutive days

    •                     While most formative work will be check/no check reserve right for no credit based on quality of work

    •              Name (Last, First) and Period legibly on paper


    •              Being there = 1 (expected)

    •              Active participation/extra content can be awarded extra point

    •              Physically there only may result in zero points – will let you know

    Electronic devices and other distractions

    •              GENERAL RULE – Phones, gamepads, etc…out of sight

    •              Music OK when working independently – moderate volume – handset out of sight

    •              ON OCCASION I’ll OK phones out for research

    •              Other class work – inform or OK with me