Retirement Information

  • Saving for Retirement with a 403(b) Account

    All district employees are eligible to contribute to a 403(b) plan administered by the OMNI group.  There are over a dozen plans to choose from, offering a variety of investment choices.  Visit and click on the Participants tab for more information.

    Planning for Retirement

    Below are links to information and agencies to assist employees in beginning the planning process:


    Per RCW 41.05.011, all Everett Public Schools and Educational Services District employees are eligible to apply for PEBB retiree insurance coverage. Districts contribute toward the cost of PEBB retiree insurance so it is an excellent value.

    PEBB has developed a retirement plan to help employees contemplating resignation or retirement to successfully apply for and receive this valuable benefit. There are strict requirements in the application process including that employee's must apply for PEBB retiree insurance coverage within 60 days of the loss of their employer paid insurance or COBRA insurance. This and other requirements are thoroughly described in the retirement plan which is available on the PEBB website at

    The PEBB website provides considerable information regarding PEBB retiree benefits including webinars for employees who are preparing to leave employment.