2016 Capital Levy Projects

  • The 2016 levy will provide $89.6 over six years to meet the highest priority needs in these critical areas:
    Maintenance of district facilities now saves more costly repairs later. New paint, roofs, flooring, heating and ventilation systems, and portable ramp replacements are included in the capital levy.

    Within the next several years, Everett Public Schools is projected to have nearly 1,500 more students. The capital levy will provide 10 portable classrooms to relieve overcrowding across the district.
    Everett Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment. The capital levy will provide security camera upgrades to ensure routine communications and communication during emergencies.
    Equitable access to educational technology - in keeping with the community’s expectation that “each” student achieve to high standards. The capital levy will replace outdated technology, improve the infrastructure to accommodate new technology, provide students and teachers with access to a computing device and provide training to support effective instruction and student learning.
  • levy pie chart
    Levy chart