2010 Capital Levy Projects

  • The 2010 levy provided $48 million for projects to renovate and improve district facilities and technology improvements, and equipment and training to meet current and future educational programs for its students.  These projects include HVAC controls replacements at 11 schools and the maintenance building, demolition of old / worn out modular building at Hawthorne ES, air conditioning system upgrades at Everett HS, roof replacement at the athletics building and Heatherwood MS, and flooring replacement at Lowell ES and Madison ES. 

    Athletics building roof and gutter replacement

    New asphalt shingle roofing, sheet metal flashing, gutters and downspouts was installed on the athletics building, football press box and the south ticket booth at Memorial Stadium. A fall-restraint system and equipment were included to allow for safer working conditions during roof maintenance.  
      Cost       $309,126
      Project completed 2016

    Cascade High School gymnasium floor refinishing

    Refinished and partially replaced the gymnasium floor at Cascade High School. It included adding framing supports to the floor in areas where replacement materials were installed. The entire floor was sanded and refinished, and new court lines were installed. This project was funded by 2010 levy funds transferred to the general fund.

      Cost       $73,668
      Project completed 2014

    District-wide HVAC controls – Phase 1

    The front end heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls were replaced or upgraded at 11 schools and the maintenance building. 

      Cost       $492,402
      Project completed 2016


    Demolish portable at Hawthorne ES

    Demolition of an old, worn out modular building at Hawthorne ES that was in poor condition and no longer needed by the district

      Cost       $35,973
      Project completed 2017

    Everett High School auditorium air conditioning systems upgrades

    Replaced the air conditioning unit that served the auditorium with a new high efficiency air conditioning unit.  
      Cost       $433,382
      Project completed 2016

    Handrail at stadium/CRC

    Installed a 210 LF of galvanized steel handrail to provide support for pedestrians walking along the driveway between the main (South) parking lot at Everett Memorial Stadium and the upper (West) parking lot of the Community Resource Center.  
      Cost       $32,640
      Project completed 2016

    Hawthorne HVAC upgrades

    Replaced the aging gas fire classroom furnace with high energy efficiency units. Replaced obsolete HVAC controls. Added conditioned air to administration, library and computer lab. 

      Estimated cost       $950,000
      Actual cost  $972,431    
      Project completed  2012

    Heatherwood Middle School HVAC and roof replacement

    This project replaced aging, inefficient HVAC equipment and installed a building energy management system that provides better control of the indoor environment and reduced energy use. The project also included replacement of the school's roofing system, which had reached the end of its useful life, with increased insulation to improve energy performance. $2,663,966 of the costs for this project were covered by 2010 levy funds, and $32,653 were covered by SCAP funds.
       Estimated cost  $730,000
       Actual cost  $2,696,619
       Project completed  2012

    Heatherwood Middle School back-up generator 

    Replaced a non-functioning internal standby generator at Heatherwood Middle School with a new generator located outside the building. The generator serves as emergency standby electrical power to the school in the event of a power outage. 
      Cost       $163,285
      Project completed 2016

    Jackson High School boiler room hydronic piping upgrades

    Replaced the existing fittings in the boiler room with welded steel pipe and fittings. This project was funded by 2010 levy funds transferred to the general fund.
      Cost       $354,726
      Project completed 2015

    Jackson High School chiller upgrade 

    Two air conditioning chillers that provided cooling capacity to the HVAC system at Jackson High School were severely damaged during a major wind storm in August 2015. These units underwent major repairs since that time and are now in full operation. Work included replacement of the main control panels, temperature sensors, transducers, current sensors an electronic expansion valves, controllers for the electronic expansion valves; installation of three phase voltage monitoring kits, relay expansion boards, sensor analog boards, and new compressors. This project was funded by 2010 levy funds transferred to the general fund.

      Cost       $183,665
      Project completed 2016

    Jackson High School weatherization project

    Removed portions of the exterior siding materials that were failing and allowing water penetration and replaced them with a new metal siding system. This project was funded by 2010 levy funds transferred to the general fund.
      Cost       $450,308
      Project completed 2014

    Lowell and Madison Elementary Schools  - flooring replacement

    Replaced the flooring in the cafeteria, on the stage and in seven classrooms at Lowell Elementary School and the annex building at Madison Elementary School.
      Cost   $260,622
      Project completed 2013