Event Food (classroom snacks and after school meals)

  • The Food and NutritionPinwheel Sandwich department can provide food and beverages for school events, school snacks and school meetings. Staff members who wish to arrange for catering services must submit their order request at least two weeks prior to their event by filling out the order form that fits their specific event needs below. For questions you may call 425-385-4380 or email Catering
    Catering is available on school days from 7:00am-3:30pm.  Catering may be available during non-school hours, including summer, when the necessary resources are available. 
    Budget Codes are required BEFORE submitting your order. Please do not put 0000 or someone's name for us to contact to retrieve that information.
    Used mostly for meetings. You can order items like coffee, fruit trays and sandwiches. This is the form you would use to order items off the Catering Trifold Menu 
    These snacks and food items on this form fit our wellness policy. These are great items for events like Donuts with Dad, Mom and Muffins. This form can also be used to order items for students who need a snack for testing, after school programs that don't qualify for free snacks, events the school is holding that required bottled water or other snacks for the students.
    If you are wanting to host a BBQ, picnic or meals for another family school event, then this is the form for you! We have several different options like a Lasagna Dinner, Hamburger dinner for a BBQ and other yummy meals!