Device Maintenance and Security

  • Laptops are powerful tools for learning and keeping them running properly and secure is a collaborative effort. District and building staff are dedicated to providing families with information and protection tools and then will continue to provide ongoing education about caring for the device so that it can continue to be utilized in learning every day.


    Access to the information highway can be a powerful tool for each student so keeping a laptop in good condition is important. 

    Basic upkeep tips:

    • Use the bag provided or a padded compartment of your backpack.
    • Use regularly - devices not in use at school monthly have technical issues and limit ability to track.
    • Charge the device nightly - device has a long battery life and should remain charged all day.
    • Determine where you will secure your digital pen and when not in use leave in that place.
    • Do not leave device sitting out, in plain view in a vehicle, or loan to a friend.
    • As soon as you have technical difficulties, report to a teacher. 


    Everett Public Schools has partnered with the vendor Absolute to provide the Absolute Data and Device Security (DDS) for Education. This service is provided for each student and teacher laptop. With this contract Everett Public Schools receives support in protecting, deterring and recovering devices. 

    Absolute provides resources for:

    • Safety training including using a device responsibly and how to react in a security situation.
    • Campus-wide protection to promote visible awareness of device security measures.
    • Investigation coordination with local law enforcement to recover stolen devices.

    Security is a partnership and it is important that any theft or loss be reported as soon as possible to your building administrator and the police.