Available Courses

  • Learning Management Services is pleased to offer many professional development opportunities for all staff. There are a variety of classes ranging from online training to in person classes.

    For certificated staff looking for clock hours - the course must be at least 3 hours in length. Paraeducator classes are only required to be a minimum of 30 minutes in length for professional training hours. Scheduled classes can be found at http://pd.everettsd.org

    For principals and certificated teams:
    Some of the courses that are offered for one hour can be expanded or combined with other offerings to meet the 3 hour minimum. Contact LMSStaff@everettsd.org to arrange for LIF or after school training.

    Most courses offered can be combined or adjusted to provide a customized training experience for your group. 

    Course description catalogs are available for in person and online training. 

    What follows is a quick guide to application based training. Beside each course is an icon indicating whether it is offered in person and/or online.

    Quick Guide to application based training

    LMS offers training on the following applications:

    Google - Gradebook - eSchool - Insight - Microsoft Office - Moodle - Schoolwires - Other

    Beside each course are icons indicating multiple presentation methods:

    Online In person


    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Chromebooks - SBA Training online


    Collaborating with Google Drive (online)

    Google Advanced Training

    Google Apps for Education
    Google Classroom Plus

    Google Docs: Overview

    Google Forms: Gathering Information

    Google Forms: Formative Assessments

    Google Fundamentals Training


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    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Gradebook - How to Maneuver/Navigation

    Gradebook - Making Groups and Report Options

    Gradebook - Grading Practices


    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Teacher Access Center - How to Maneuver for Teachers


    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Insight - Office/Admin

    Insight - Teachers

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    Microsoft Office

    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Basic Excel

    Basic Outlook

    Basic Word

    Managing School Business with OneNote - for Administrators

    Office 2016

    Office Tidbits

    Outlook 2016

    Staff Notebook for Classroom and Teacher Collaboration

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    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Getting up to Speed with Moodle 2.8

    Moodle Magic

    Using Moodle for Assignments


    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Advanced Features for Your Website

    Blogging on Your Website

    Building a Classroom Website


    Building a Podcast Page for Your Website

    Conducting Student Discussions on Your Website

    Engaging Students with Your Website

    Putting a Photo Gallery on Your Website  

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    Course Title

    Course Delivery

    Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Being Savvy Online

    Challenges in the Classroom

    Classroom Management Strategies

    Coding in the Classroom

    Communication Tune Up Training


    Creating Podcasts

    Delving into Design

    Effective Listening Training

    Enhance your Communication Skills

    How Do I Deal with Resistance to Change?


    Evaluating Web Resources

    How Do I Motivate My Students?

    Improving Communication Between Parents & Teachers

    Learners with Special Needs

    Moving Forward: Coding Grades 3-8

    Multimedia Wizardry


    Overcoming Test Anxiety

    Searching the Web

    Special Ed Primer

    Successful Time Management Training


    Supporting Gifted and Talented Learners
    Tech for Students with Dysgraphia
    Tech for Students with Dyslexia
    Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities

    The Gimp - Digital Image Magic

    The Social and Interactive Web

    Web Resources Workshop - Evaluating Web Resources

    Working with Digital Images


    Register for courses at http://pd.everettsd.org