• Please Drive Safely

    Posted by Katrina Farias on 12/16/2016

    Parent Pick-up/Drop-off Safety

    As the weather starts to get wetter and colder and darker, it’s even more important to be exhibiting responsible and safe driving behaviors. It has come to my attention that some cars are driving too fast and some are not stopping at the stop signs leading to our school (for example, on 50th and Sunset). I know everyone is eager to get to the places they need to be, but safety is our biggest priority at View Ridge and we need everyone’s help to ensure students (and staff and parents) are out of harm’s way. Thank you!

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  • THANKful

    Posted by Katrina Farias on 12/1/2016

    Happy December! With three months of school in the books and a lingering feeling of satisfaction from a long weekend of food, family, and fun, I am still in a full state of THANKSgiving! I am grateful to work in a school with such a supportive community, dedicated families, talented staff, and phenomenal students. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my first year as principal by saying hello and introducing yourself, for enhancing students’ learning through your time and energy invested both here at school (as a WatchDOG, Volunteer, PTA member, Natural Leader, Parent/Grandparent/Guardian, etc.) and at home, and for trusting us to educate your child each and every day. You are so appreciated!

    During December (and the last two weeks of November), our Vikings are focusing on our next Above the Line character trait—Responsibility. Responsibility is owning our learning and actions, doing the right thing at the right time, doing our personal best, and being organized and diligent. At our next Viking Pride assembly, we will be recognizing more Viking Heroes--but they will be heroes who demonstrate responsibility at a commendable level. Please reinforce ways for your child to grow as more responsible students and citizens. Viking Scholars were also applauded at our assembly, students who were recognized by staff for their hard work, academic excellence, and/or significant growth and progress in their learning. I handed out 66 golden Pencils of Power to Viking Scholars in their classrooms and I am looking forward to distributing more for students’ powerful work!

    December will come and go quickly, especially with all of the school-wide and PTA events we have planned. Remember to stop, reflect, and capture these memories for soon it’ll be 2017 and our special “littles” will be even more grown up “littles.” One memory I can’t wait to create, capture, and store for forever is our Winter Concert on December 6th at the Civic Auditorium. I hope to see you all there!

    Tina Farias

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  • Attendance Updates and Reminders

    Posted by Katrina Farias on 11/15/2016

    Attendance is a critical component of academic growth and success, so it is important for students to be here, on time, every day. If they are ill, it’s always best to keep them home, but try to keep other types of absences and/or tardies to an absolute minimum.

    The state BECCA Law now requires elementary schools to expand parent/guardian conferences for students who have acquired 5 days of excused absences in a month or 10 or more excused days in a school year. This new legislation went into effect last June. Under the old statute this conference was only required for students who had unexcused absences. On top of this, every time your student acquires 4 tardies, it now equals 1 absence. We have begun sending out our initial BECCA letters, which might come as a surprise to many families as this did not happen in previous years. With the new legislation, families are given multiple notifications, but after 10 or more absences, it is possible to be summoned to court.

    Please be aware of the consequences of frequent absences, both academically and legally, and schedule appointments, vacations and other events after school hours. We want your student here so we can help them learn! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office.

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  • Falling in Love with FALL

    Posted by Katrina Farias on 11/1/2016 8:00:00 AM

    Hello, families. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for the food, fun, and beautiful changes that occur outside! Remember to send your children with a warm coat as the temperature starts to drop! It can get quite chilly during our morning line-up, recess, and afternoon dismissal. Some other reminders I’d like to share follow:

    If you have a 3rd-5th grader, they may soon share that they’ve been able to practice Smarter Balanced Assessment on our Chromebooks with our District’s Director of Assessment and Research, Dr. Matthews. These practice tests and interims are intended to give students exposure to the test format, an understanding of the tools, and to give teachers information to assess what skills and targets students already know or need more instruction for the Summative State SBA in May.

    Some of our students are already taking their learning OFF CAMPUS through engaging and safe field trips. As more and more classes get to tackle real world learning with their class offsite, I want to remind parents interested in chaperoning to have a current volunteer application completed. Also, if you are a chaperone, volunteer at school, or attending one of our school events, please remember to keep students’ privacy in mind. I’ve had a few families wondering about taking pictures at events. Of course we want you to capture memories—for example, our Winter Concert (which our amazing music teacher, Ms. Williams produces) is a great time to capture those WOW moments—but we should remember to be careful to maintain confidentiality and privacy for the safety of all students.

    One tradition that View Ridge is excited to bring back this month is Storybook Character Day. With such a great celebration for our Summer Readers and Reading Challenge winners, the timing couldn’t get any better! On October 31st students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite storybook character. This day should NOT be confused for Halloween, as this is a holiday NOT celebrated at school. Instead, this should be a day to celebrate literature and our love for reading. Therefore, participating students should wear clothing that reflects a real character from a real book that is kid appropriate. Students should know the title and/or author of the story where their character can be found, and to even wear this as a nametag! Many classrooms may be also taking this as an opportunity for having goodies, such as a Harvest Party. As always, let’s strive to promote healthy choices and remember that all treats must be store bought.

    Natural Leaders is having its first meeting on Nov. 3rd at 6 pm. If you speak another language other than English and want to get involved in the school community, please come, enjoy some food, and learn more!

    Red, White, and Blue Day is November 10th: To celebrate our nation and our veterans, students are invited to wear the colors of the flag on this special day! I hope to see many families at our assembly that day!

    WatchDOGS Kickoff is coming on Nov 15th @6:30pm! Are you a dad, uncle, grandpa, or important male role model for a View Ridge student? Join us to find out how you can participate in this amazing program and spend time at school with your student! Come to View Ridge, bring your student, have some pizza and take part in a terrific event! See you here!

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