Future Capital Bond Planning

  • The EPS is experiencing high enrollment growth throughout the district, and especially in the southern portion of the district at the high school level. Jackson HS currently has 14 portable classrooms and three more will be moved there in summer 2017. Over the next six years, without any other changes, there will be a total of thirty portables on that site and enrollment will exceed 2,400 students.

    In response to this increasing enrollment, and other needs for facilities not funded by the 2016 capital bond and levy, the district is considering whether to propose a bond in 2018 or at some other time in the future, what projects might be included on that bond, and how much the bond would cost.

    The district has a long history of success in long-range capital planning, and in obtaining voter approval of capital bonds to implement board-approved long-range capital plans. The most recent capital measures to obtain voter approvals were a capital bond and capital levy in 2016. These measures followed two unsuccessful bond proposals in 2014, a successful capital levy in 2010, and a successful capital bond in 2006.
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