• Study Hall  is an after-school session that assist students with their studies. Study Hall takes place in the Library from 2:55PM until 4:00PM on Monday through Thursday. Study Hall is open to all Gateway students who need a quiet place to work or who need extra help as long as their behavior is appropriate while attending. Students do NOT need to sign up to come to Study Hall, although there is a contract students need to sign agreeing to the behavior expectations.
    A 4:00PM activity bus is available to take students home as long as they sign up in the Main Office during their lunch time. If parents wish to pick up students before 4:00, please come into the library to sign out your student. If parents are picking students up after these clubs end, please be in the bus area by 4:00PM.
    Unless I have a meeting, I am typically in my room after school until at least 4:00PM and am also in my classroom during both 7th and 8th grade lunches. I am available to help students after school and during the last 20 minutes of lunches if they get a lunch pass and pre-arrange it with me.