Woodside ES project updates

  • October 20, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 10/21/2020

    The gym in building D has been painted.  Acoustic panels, wall cladding, pads and basketball hoops are installed.  Finishing touches are ongoing.  The cafeteria side of building D has ceilings going in and painting is underway.  The kitchen hood and walk-in cooler and freezer are in place.  Ceramic tile in the bathrooms in in place with flooring going in.  The projectors in buildings A, B and G have all been commissioned and are ready for use.  Roofing materials are expected this week for building C.  Abatement activities are complete and the selective demolition is fully underway.  Sidewalks are about 40% complete in the courtyard area with focus on completing those adjacent to and on the pathway to occupied buildings.  Painting of the covered play underside is nearly complete with the exterior to follow.  The playground equipment is 90% set with wood chips to follow.

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  • September 15, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 10/1/2020

    School has begun with some teachers conducting distance learning from their class rooms while others do so from home.  The site is split with the main parking lot, new office/library and class room building A and B occupied for school and the café/gym building, class room building C, covered playshed, bus lane and courtyard are cordoned off for construction.  Punch list work continues in the office/library and B.  The roof on building D has been completed and sheetrock is hung in the gym.  All slabs have been poured and rough-in work is nearing completion.  Air handling units are expected to arrive and be set next week.  In building C, the perimeter of the ceiling is being opened up to facilitate structural work and the roofing will begin next week.  Foundations are being dug in the courtyard for the planter areas.

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  • August 14, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 9/1/2020

    Furniture is being installed in the new office/library building with contents scheduled to be moved in next week.  Building B has flooring going down and furniture is scheduled to arrive 8/17 with contents to follow late next week.  The concrete slab and foundations for the former office/library building have been removed and the courtyard grading is underway.  In building D, the slab has been poured in the kitchen area and shingle roofing is being installed.  The concrete flatwork around the new office/library is underway along with preparations for grinding and overlaying the parking lot.

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  • July 15, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 7/31/2020

    In building B, the topping slab has been poured and painters are painting walls, ceiling grid is going up and finish work has begun for mechanical and electrical devices.  Also, roof insulation is being placed with shingles to follow.  In building D, spray foam insulation has been completed in the band and cafeteria area and continues in the custodial and kitchen areas, structural upgrades are nearly complete and underground plumbing is nearly complete.  Preparations for the first of two concrete pours have begun.  Underground utility work continues along the south sides of buildings D and C.  For building F, the covered playshed, an overlay of roof sheathing is needed and has been approved and that will commence soon with new roofing to follow.  In building G, light fixtures and other ceiling mounted devices are well underway, casework has been placed and flooring is about to begin.  Work to refeed the portables from the new power and data sources is progressing well and should be complete in a couple weeks.  The contractor has begun planning for the work in the parking lot that will take place this summer.


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  • June 15, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 6/30/2020

    Framing in building B is nearly complete as is spray foam in the walls.  Evaluating sub-floor prior to placement of topping slab.  Carpentry crews are working on structural upgrades in building D.  In building G, ceiling grid is well underway and most casework is set.  Underground utilities continue along the bus loop, coordinated for allowing access to the school as needed.


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  • May 15, 2020

    Posted by Facilities and Planning on 5/29/2020

    Inspections were passed today allowing teachers to work in building A.  They will setup their new classrooms next week.  Shear wall footings have been poured in building B, openings have been framed for the new windows and the glu-lam beam work is underway.  The gym/cafeteria, building D, has had abatement completed and the next round of demolition is nearly complete.  Building E, the existing office/library is packed preparing for the move into the new office/library building at the end of the summer.  Building G, the new office/library, is in the finishing stage with painting underway on the lower level and sheetrock sanding on the upper.  Storefront material is expected to be installed next week.  Excavation has begun beside the bus loop in order to place a rockery wall and wide the bus lane beside the gym.


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  • April 15, 2020

    Posted by Communications on 4/15/2020

    The carpet has been installed in building A and the building is substantially complete.  In building G, sheetrock installation is taking place on the upper floor and finishing on the lower level.  The last of the windows are being installed this week.  Building B has been emptied of furniture and school contents and selective demolition is underway beginning its modernization process.  The cafeteria/gym building is being packed with movers scheduled at the end of this week to remove school contents and furniture, thereby allowing an early start since school is out until the fall.

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  • April 1, 2020

    Posted by Communications on 4/1/2020

    Finishes are nearly complete in building A and furniture arrived today.  In building G, the boilers have been started, the fire alarm is online and HVAC is undergoing functional testing.  Windows are 60% installed. Work is underway to tie the existing low voltage systems to the new ones in order to re-establish campus wide connectivity for intercom, intranet, phones, security, etc.

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  • March 16, 2020

    Posted by Communications on 3/16/2020

    In building A, the ceiling grid is nearly complete with lights and HVAC diffusers and grilles following.  Cabinetry and door hardware started last week and painting is well underway.  Roofing is substantially complete.  Flooring is scheduled to start today.  In the new office/library building, mechanical and electrical rough-in work is nearing completion and roofing is well underway.  Sheetrock installation has begun.  The new electrical service has been energized.

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  • February 28, 2020

    Posted by Communications on 2/28/2020

    In building A, painting and ceiling grid are underway.  Roof insulation and nail-base boards are being installed.  In the new office/library building interior wall framing is complete with mechanical and electrical rough-ins nearly complete on the ground floor and well underway on the upper level.  Perimeter framing is in and roof insulation will soon follow.

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