Welcome to Ms. Francois' webpage

  • March 25, 2020

    Hello Families!Ms. Francois

    I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing their best to take care of their needs during this time.  I will be updating this website often as I learn more. Use the quick link on the right side of the page (with the star) to participate in our online discussions!

    Use the following documents to provide clarity surrounding online learning. 

    Welcome to Online Learning

    Accessing Online Community Directions (Same as the quick link on the right side of the page)


    The following schedule is just a guide, please help your child find some type of consistent routine throughout the week. Children thrive with structure and consistency and it will help to reduce family tension that can sometimes arise from boredom. Although all of these activities are only suggested, they are not required, they are highly encouraged to help keep your student up to date on the skills they have already learned this year. 

    Suggested Schedule

    I will be currently working to utilize Canvas and email to communicate with families and students. Feel free to send me any questions, comments or concerns via email. I will be checking it daily. 

    Ms. Francois