• Geometry Course Syllabus 2017-2018


    Teacher: Mr. Hall                               

    E-mail: dhall@everettsd.org

    Website:  http://www.everettsd.org/Domain/3271

    Telephone: (425) 385-7129 (email contact is preferred)   

    Extra Help:  I am available after school Monday to Thursday until 3pm. Never be afraid to ask for help.


    Course Description

    Welcome to Geometry! I am looking forward to a year full of growth and learning. Geometry is now aligned with the national Common Core Standards. You will study and learn the critical elements of geometry which include ideas of congruence, similarity, proof, constructions and trigonometry. Additional ideas include extending to three-dimensions, connecting algebra to geometry through coordinates, circles and conics, and applications of probability. It seems like we couldn’t possibly fit all that fun into one year, but we will! :)


    Successfully completing Geometry as well as passing a state mandated assessment is required for graduation.


    Course Outline (What We’ll Learn)

    1.     Probability

    2.     Tools and Constructions

    3.     Rigid Motions

    4.     Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    5.     Congruence

    6.         Similarity

    7.         Right Triangles and Trigonometry

    8.         Circles and Conics

    9.         Geometric Measurement and Dimensions


    Materials Required

    Graph paper, notebook, protractor, compass, ruler, scientific/graphing calculator, scotch tape, pencil, pen, and colored pencils/markers will also be useful


    Grading System

    Assessments and assignments are attached to a standard (for example, “Basic Constructions”). Standards quizzes and revisits will happen weekly (usually on Friday), while projects and problem tasks will be interspersed throughout the year. All are graded using a rubric scale from 0-4. You earn a grade for what you know. Your job is to convince me of your understanding. Don’t like your score? No problem! You will revisit any standard to show me you understand it better.*


    *Revisits will happen in class or after school on an assigned day. Students get one revisit per quiz and can raise it to the maximum score. The revisit score replaces the old score even if it is worse. The last quiz of the semester and the final cannot be retaken. There are some guidelines in place:


    1. You cannot get tutoring and revisit on the same day.
    2. You can’t revisit more than two standards at once.
    3. You must show me your completed practice for the skill before revisiting.
    4. You must revisit a standard from a unit prior to the completion of the next unit. I will give you the exact date of deadline for quiz retakes and will try and post the date on the online calendar.


    **The revisit policy is subject to change and notification will be sent home.




    Grading Scale


    Advanced understanding of the concept without mistakes


    Advanced understanding of the concept, but small algebraic or arithmetic error


    Proficient understanding of the concept but making mistakes


    Basic understanding of the concept but needing practice


    Very little understanding of the concept


    No demonstrated understanding yet and need to retake

    Other symbols that you might see are AB for absent, M for missing, and I for incomplete.


    During the semester, if you have incomplete or missing assignments, your overall grade will be shown as missing or incomplete. If an assignment/assessment goes incomplete for more than a week after it’s assigned date or administering of the test, the result becomes a zero and cannot be made up or revisited.


    Your overall grade in the course is based on assessments and projects, midterm (taken at the end of the quarter), and semester final. Here is how the system will calculate your semester letter grades:


    3.6 - 4.0


    3.4 - 3.59


    3.2 - 3.39


    2.9 - 3.19


    2.7 - 2.89


    2.5 - 2.69


    2.2 - 2.49


    2.0 - 2.19


    1.8 - 1.99


    1.5 - 1.79


    0 – 1.49



    Practice is assigned but not included in the grade calculation. I understand that you will need to practice some skills more than others, so if you need to reassess outside of class, on a particular skill, you need to show me your completed practice beforehand.


    If your student is absent, it is their responsibility to look at the online calendar to see what was missed, look at online notes and assignments that have been posted. If the student missed a test and no new material was covered on the day they missed, the student is expected to take the test the day they return. No exceptions. Plan accordingly. My online calendar is the best place to look for what was covered for the day. The website can include notes, worksheets, quiz/test dates and assignments. If the student fails to complete the missed test within a week of the date it was given, the test becomes a zero and cannot be made up or revisited.


    Math Norms


    1. Everyone can learn Math to the highest levels
    2. Mistakes are valuable
    3. Questions are really important
    4. Depth is much more important than speed
    5. Math class is about learning, not performing


    Electronics Policy

    Electronics will sometimes be used for instructional purposes but should not be used otherwise. On assessment days, if you use or have an electronic device (i.e. cell phone, iPod, headphones, etc.) at any time during the class period or if you use formulas/notes not approved by the teacher, you will receive a referral to the office for cheating and a zero on that assessment. A revisit will not be allowed on that assessment.


    I will take a student’s electronic device away if it not being used properly


    This class structure is subject to change throughout the year. I will do my best to inform you of any changes.


    This syllabus is not all-inclusive and may not have all class expectations and rules listed. It is not limited to just items on this form. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hall





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    Please bring home to allow your parents to view and then keep in your folder for reference.