• Resources:


    The Structure of the Constitution, Pages 43-46

    Bill of Rights & Amending the Constitution, Page 49

    Eligibility Requirements for Congress, Page 158

    Presidential Qualifications, Page 193

    Constitution Copy, Pages 551-576

    Constitution Day.com  http://www.constitutionday.com/the-constitution-text.html

    National Constitutional Center & Interactive Constitution  https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution?utm_source=web&utm_medium=homepage&utm_campaign=IC



    Bell Ringers/Starter Questions/Activity Topics/Study Guide

    1. What do you think are examples of what the Preamble means for the term “general Welfare.” Page 551
    2. How do you think the government should be involved in securing the “blessings of liberty?” Page 551
    3. The first three articles of the U. S. Constitution attempt to explain the three branches of government. How are they different? Pages 551-561
    4. How does the first article of the U. S. Constitution reveal the importance of the power Congress compared to the executive and judicial branches? Pages 551-561
    5. What are the eligibility requirements for members of Congress, the President, and federal judges and why do you think that they are different? Pages 551-561
    6. What is the process for changing the U. S. Constitution? Page 49/Page 562
    7. What are the Bill of Rights? Page 49/Pages 564-567
    8. Which amendment in the Bill of Rights is most important to you? Why? Page 49/Pages 564-567
    9. Which amendment in the Bill of Rights least important to you? Why? Page 49/Pages 564-567
    10. What are the first two provisions of Article IV, and what are examples for each? Pages 561-562
    11. How does Section 4 of Article IV determine how new states can be created? Page 562
    12. Summarize Section 4 of Article IV and explain what is meant by a “Republican form of government?” Page 562
    13. In Article VI, what has “the supreme Law of the Land” phrase referred to as and what does it mean? Pages 45/64/562-653
    14. In Article VI, what is required of all federal elected officials and what is not required? Why do you this part about religion was included in the Constitution? Page 563
    15. What does the term suffrage mean and what amendments are about suffrage? Pages 564-576