• Growth Support Teams



    Students will work together to create study plans for unit multiple-choice tests. Students will monitor progress on a regular basis throughout the course of each unit. Group leaders will be determined based on the merit of previous success. Groups will change at the start of each new unit.


    Guiding Principles

    • Actively participate in collaborative groups
    • Create specific measureable goals
    • Plan specific weekly actions connected to a time-line
    • Monitor each other’s progress and intervene when needed (during class? outside of class?)
    • Report on completed actions and test result
    • Reflect on progress and process at the end of each unit
    • Evaluation of Progress of other team members
    • Work with different groups over time
    • Make positive changes when goals are not met


    Questions to Consider

    • What should be the goal for the first test? (X/60)
    • How much more should the goal be set for the second test? (+5/+10/+15?)
    • How do you get a grade based on someone else’s progress or lack of progress?
    • What should happen for someone who completes a study plan, but gets a low score?
    • How often will team members monitor each other’s progress?
    • In what ways will team members help struggling team members?
    • How should attendance contribute to the evaluation?
      • Someone who gets a high test score?
      • Someone who gets a low test score, but completed the study plan?
      • Someone who gets a low test score and did not complete the study plan?
    • How should the group leader be evaluated?
    • Should the group leader also have to create a study plan and be accountable to it?
    • How should success be celebrated?
    • What should the rubric look like for an assessment of this activity?