• Robotics Careers

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    The field of robotics offers many different career paths.  For this week's discussion, choose a field in which robots are used.  Research the education and/or training needed to get a job in that field.  Identify the number of years of education needed, list 2-3 schools in the US where the specific training needed for that field is offered, provide an esitmate for how many jobs are available in the field you are researching (is it a growing market or a shrinking market?), and what is the estimated salary for an entry level position?  Explain what interested you about the robotics career/field you researched.  Make sure to appropriately cite your research - name of article, date, author, publication, and web URL as appropriate.

    Your response to your research is due Thursday 11/2/17.  


    Comments: Read the research from 2 of your classmates.  In your comment identify at least one aspect of the career that you found interesting and ask at least 1 follow-up question about the career that you would like to know more about.  

    2 comments are due Sunday 11/5/17.

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  • Exploring Robotics

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    Choose an article about robots or robotics from LiveScience.com

    1. Identify the title, author, and date of your article. 

    2. Summarize the main idea of the article in a short paragraph. 

    3. Choose one of the following:

        a. Explain what you found interesting about the article and why

        b. Identify at least 2 questions you had after reading the article

        c. Disucss whether you agreed or disagreed with the position the article took and explain why


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