• Classroom Rules:







    In room 210, we take the 4 school rules and learn to apply them in every part of our day. I believe that if students can learn to value these four traits, they will be able to practice integrity throughout  their lives.

    When students demonstrate these four traits, they can earn SOAR tickets. SOAR tickets are use throughout the entire school. They are raffle tickets that are collected each week for a prize drawing. I also emphasize that when students demonstrate safety, on task behavior, acting responsibly, and respect, they can earn TRUST. Students who earn my trust are able to have certain freedoms and responsibilities, such as important classroom jobs or being able to work outside the classroom with a partner.  I work hard to provide opportunities for each student to demonstrate the school values. 


    Green Folders:

    All important communications from the school or classroom go home in green folders. These are sent home from my classroom Monday-Thursday, and occasionally on Fridays. Please check your child's green folder regularly. Your student will have a calendar each month with important dates. This should be found in the back cover of the folder.



    Homework is only assigned when a student needs additional time at home to work an assignment that they are able to do independently. 

    Homework is not assigned regularly. Instead, please spend that time as a family, talk about what your student is learning, read together, and/or go outside and play.
    If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact me.



    Birthdays are celebrated with a lot of flexibility. I appreciate a heads up if you would like to send in treats or do something special, but I will always schedule the time to make your student's day special. Feel free to send in a treat for the class on the day that we celebrate your child's birthday. Per district guidelines, only store-bought or packaged treats can be shared with the class.