Smarter Balanced Assessments Individual Student Reports

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    What will I see and what will it mean? 

    For English Language Arts (ELA) and for math you will see a scale score, achievement level, met or not met SBA standard achievement level, and claims level. The scale scores are shown below by grade level. The scale score tells your student’s current level of achievement. Smarter Balanced Assessments are vertically scaled so it is easy to see your child’s growth over time.
    Each score falls into an achievement level numbered 1-4. Students at levels 1 and 2 are below standard for their grade level and students at levels 3-4 are above standard for their grade level. Students at levels 3 and 4 are considered to have met standard at their grade level. Finally, you will see claim level data. A claim is a broad learning outcome within each test. In ELA the claims are Reading, Writing, Research and Inquiry, and Listening and Speaking. In math the claims are Concepts and Procedures, Problem Solving, Communicating Reasoning, Modeling and Data Analysis. Your student has a descriptor for each claim of Below, At or Near, or Above Standard. It is very easy to understand being Below Standard or Above Standard, but At or Near Standard can be confusing. Because each claim is comprised of many learning targets, it is not possible to delineate between students who are at standard or nearly at standard. The test would have to be much longer to test each learning target to that level.
    High School College and Career Level versus graduation requirement.
    Students meet their assessment graduation requirements by passing SBA at the Washington minimum graduation score, ELA 2548 and Math 2595. However, the accountability requirement for grade 10 is the college and career readiness cut score at level three. In order to qualify for college level coursework in Washington state without further testing, students must meet the college and career readiness cut score.