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    Evergreen PE students and families,

    Enjoy your summer! Stay Safe; Stay Active; & Have FUN!




    THE PLAN, your assignments for the week will be posted on your PE teacher's website.

    Your Fitness work for the week:

    - Read the Health lesson AND complete the Reflection + Response Sheet  - tell us what you learned

    - Weekly Workout Log - workout at least 3 times during the week and tell us about it ALL on ONE FORM!


    Turn in BOTH assignments so you don't get too far behind! OF course you can turn them in before Friday! 🙂

    1. Health Reflection + Response
    2. Weekly Workout Log


    Assignments are currently being tracked in the gradebook.

    The assignments are NOT weighted, so they will not adversely affect your grade.

    We are entering them into the gradebook to track your participation using Y/N system.

    Our district is still deciding how grades will look at the end of the year. We will communicate ALL updates when we can, as things change.

    What we DO KNOW is that you can improve your grade! 👍

    You can do this, by making up absences that you had prior to the closure. All you need to do is complete a workout, record it and then email your workout to your teacher. This needs to be an ADDITIONAL workout to what we are currently assigning, just like a PE make-up before or after school would be.


    KEEP IN TOUCH! -- Check your EMAIL!

    We will be emailing you each Monday with a brief description of your assignments for the week and any other important information that we need to pass on to you.


    Please EMAIL us at any time if you need help or have any questions!

    We are here and want to help you! 


    Stay active, stay healthy and stay in touch!!


    🏃‍♀️Your fabulous fitness teachers! 🏃‍♂️


    Mr. Bresko

    Mr. Elliott belliott@everettsd.org

    Mr. Hansen

    Ms. Rollings

    Mrs. Wilder