• Students who are absent the day of a test will be given an alternate essay exam which can be found linked below beginning the day of the exam.  You are welcome to study for the make-up by brainstorming, pre-writing and creating a rough draft however, you will not be able to use any notes when you come in to take the actual exam.  You need to schedule a time for the make-up before or after school. Allow between 40 and 55 minutes to complete.  Drops-ins are not allowed.
    Students who do not pass the Unit exam may take the alternate exam to raise their grade to passing. You will have 1 week from the date of the original exam to schedule a time for the retake.
    Alternate/Make Up Exams 
    Unit 1: Origin of Government - Must Schedule by Thu Oct. 17
    Unit 2: Legislative Branch - Must schedule by 
    Unit 3: Executive Branch - Must schedule by Wed Dec 18.