• Zoom webinar with four people Zoom is our video conferencing tool used to engage with students in live virtual sessions.  This page contains instructions for using Zoom, guidelines for use, and tips for using the tools you will find in Zoom.  Please check this webpage regularly for information about updates, guidelines, and new resources.  Reminder: Always use this site to login: https://everettsd.zoom.us or use the Canvas Zoom tool. 



    There are several new options in Zoom including seating charts, pinning option changes, and request to unmute changes.  These are untested in our environment.  If you choose to update be aware of this.

     Learn more about Zoom External Authentication available in Everett starting December 2, 2020.


     Take these important steps to make meetings secure:

    • Use a unique meeting ID for each session (versus personal meeting ID or recurring meetings).
    • Have a set time and date for each meeting (vs recurring with no fixed time).
    • Post meeting link in a secure spot like Canvas or email directly to participants.
    • Use a passcode.
    • Use a waiting room.
    • Do not enable join before host.
    • Use settings to manage behavior as you start sessions. Consider having video on, participants muted, and screensharing set to host only. See videos below for instructions. 
    • Use manage participants, security settings, and screensharing settings to address behaviors as needed.
    • Check out this video about security https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeFdlssWeuk
    • Change settings as you get more comfortable and as students demonstrate readiness.
    • Starting December 2nd, External Authentication security will be available. See link above.

    Planning for the unexpected.  Power outages and tech glitches are to be expected in this virtual world.  In Zoom, if the host inadvertently exits the session someone else is assigned as host.  This means a students might be the new host. To prepare for this, consider putting one of the procedures in place:

    1. Pre-assign an alternate host (student or other adult). Let this person and the class know what you expect them to do if you inadvertently exit.  Consider whether you want them to continue meeting for a set time to see if you can rejoin or if you want them to immediately end the meeting.  Perhaps have a fun activity that they can do if this happens that will engage them and encourage appropriate behavior. Make sure all students know that they can leave the session if others are misbehaving and check back periodically to see if the teacher is able to return.
    2. Have a protocol that students leave the room immediately when the teacher inadvertently exits and periodically reenter to see if the teacher has returned. If a waiting room is set, then it (theoretically) wouldn’t let them in until the teacher is back in the session.


    Video Tutorials

    Zoom has excellent tutorial videos.  Some are linked below.  Reminder that we are using "everettsd.zoom.us" to log in so make that small change to directions in their videos and the rest should work as shown.


    Support documents:


    Chromebook Users

    Zoom on Chromebooks has different features that other devices.  The document below shows Zoom user views for Chromebooks.