• Hello!  This website will be a used for introductory AP Chem activities and handouts.  We will continue using an online platform for classwork during the  year -most likely Canvas.  Please read through all the AP Information on this website.  Contact me by email if you have questions.

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  • 1) Summer Homework letter - please read and complete the requested activities.  There are several due dates for work. 

    2)This is a link to the Summer Reading Assignment.  It requires the textbook for readings and end of chapter questions.  Please complete by Week 1 of classes.   

    3)  Mastering Chemistry:  Revised instructions for the 2021-2022 School year:  One component of our class is Mastering Chemistry.  This online platform will be used for homework assignments and tutorials.  Previous students do find this an important resource for success in the course.   We only get enough access for our class, so this information is not to be shared with other students! You will be using Canvas to access Mastering Chemistry.  Once registered, you can access the online textbook and intro assignments (these will be assigned in the fall) to get familiar with this program.  These assignments are essential!   (do not pay for access to this website - it came with the book):  

    4)  Read and sign the Lab Safety Form and Full Value Contract.  Due 1st week of class.  

    5)  Review the Course Syllabus.