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    Registration Code: 307SCI
    Grade Levels: 9-12
    Credits: 1.0 Science and CTE or Elective credit
    Length: one year

    Course Description

    The Robotics Engineering course teaches 9th through 12th grade students the engineering design process using mechanisms, machines, and robotic systems. This is a project based course in which students explore the design, programming, and fabrication of robotics equipment and technology. Students explore the industry applications of robots and understand the implications of robotics in society. The course consists of engineering, physics, electronics, mechanics and computer programming principles. The design process is emphasized as the robots are tested and designs are modified. Teamwork and collaboration are an essential component of the class. 

    Hands-on activities supplemented with demonstrations, mentorship, and study trips familiarize students with the concepts and application of robotics technologies. Performing laboratory experiments, students will gain first hand knowledge of simple machines, fabrication, and logic systems. Students will also learn how to program complex robotic systems to perform a variety of interesting and useful tasks. 

    Students not willing to use class time effectively, students without strong attendance habits, and students not willing to meet deadlines are likely to have extreme difficulty passing this class. 

    Course Expectations

    • Have a growth mindset
    • Be prepared to work in class
    • Expect to be challenged
    • Try your best at each assignment

    Instructional Materials

    • VEX Robotics Kit
    • VEX Competitive Robotics Kit
    • Robot C Software
    • Intelitek On-Line Curriculum
    • Vex Video Trainer
    • Robot Virtual Worlds
    • Students will be required to supply a dedicated composition notebook, preferably graph paper. Pens, paper, pencils and erasers need to be brought to class daily along with their notebook.

    Students are responsible for the cost of any missing or broken pieces from their kits. Kits are inventoried at the beginning of the year, when groups change, & at the end of the year.

    Course Downloads:  Syllabus - Course Overview - Lab Contract